Wednesday, 23 May 2007

Postcard from Amsterdam - Part 5

With the Cabot Trail Relay coming up (I'm to do Leg 4, "Smokey") I had to decide between a long run or a morning photo shoot. You can guess from the photos in this post which idea won out in the end!

I decided to go for a final dawn stroll through the streets of Amsterdam. Of course it was pouring again, but I caught sight of a guy on his way to work just outside of Amsterdam Centraal, which made for an interesting, kind of "moody" composition.

That is, until someone I can only call "The Flash" came roaring through my frame on a bicycle dressed in Hi-Vis Orange. This completely changed the mood of the shot, don't you think? I prefer the original shot, probably because it was what I was shooting for. However, everyone I talk to likes the shot with Flashman in it. Perhaps I was lucky enough to capture something of real interest to people. Leave a comment below and let me know which you prefer and why.

I remain fascinated with the bike rack outside of Amsterdam Centraal. I don't understand how anyone can find their bike amongst all of the others there.

Where's My Bike??

Then I happened across Hi-Vis bike, which I'm sure the owner had no problem finding in any collection of cycles.

Bike Mug Shot

Winding my way back through the maze of alleyways, I happened across a drab, grey scene that was softly lit from the top. The bike was almost camouflaged by the wall, much the opposite of the "hi-vis" bike in the photo above! I stopped to shoot it and ended up in a discussion with a construction worker who was working on a nearby reno-project about the shot, the wall and the bike. It seems that a number of photographers had stopped by recently, some with large 4x5 cameras as well. I'm not sure what those photographers saw or captured, but I was going for a soft look.

Up Against the Wall

They are building a subway in Amsterdam, which is no small challenge considering the city is built on a swamp. One station will tie into Amsterdam Centraal, so there was a lot of work being done on the main canal and guild houses directly in front of the station.

Guild Houses and Canal Boat

In the end, it was out to the hotel at Schiphol airport for a last night before a very early morning departure. Sitting in the airport watching people go by, I was struck by how much of a hurry everyone was in.

I wondered who they were and where were they going in such a hurry? Unfortunately, airport security kicked me out before I could find the answer to these questions!

I haven't posted all of the photos I took on this trip. If you want to see the complete slide show, click here. During the slide show, you can turn comments on or off by clicking on the "i" that appears when you mouse over the photos.

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