Thursday, 28 June 2007


DSC_8724Last year Medusa had a limited presence at the AMBEX. What a difference a year makes! This year, we had Angie, Ian, Steve, Karen, and Oliver working the booth as well as running two user group sessions and hosting customer dinners.

We stayed at the Crown Hotel. While the name leads you to believe it is a lovely, upscale English hotel, the reality is that it is a ‘has-been’ in a state of disrepair and frequented by hard-core partiers. Karen, Angie, and I were slightly nauseous and I suspect the water is contaminated by old pipes. To be fair, the management has engaged a reputable construction firm to complete some renovations!

The de-Crowned Hotel

Our partner in the U.K., CSC, had a booth (or ‘stand’ as the English say) and we provided the talent for the demonstrations. The booth was near the entrance and generated a lot of traffic, which kept Karen and Oliver quite busy.


The rest of us managed a number of user group sessions. Tim, Susan, and Paula from EHS gave lead-off presentations on the Nova Scotia take on things and they did a fine job.


All of this didn’t stop our brain storming sessions over large glasses of special, idea generating liquids. Unfortunately, we were unable to solve all of the world’s problems in the limited time the magic solution generated its effect.


Click here to go to the slideshow with all of the AMBEX photos (as part of the UK trip photo set)

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