Friday, 8 June 2007

Caution: Runners Ahead!

The Cabot Trail Relay is a road race that starts and ends in Baddeck, NS. Runners complete 17 ‘legs’ that make a loop around the Cabot Trail with each runner tackling a single leg (hence the ‘relay’ nature of the event). Technically, it is not a relay, since each leg is a mass start and not all runners have to finish the previous leg before the next leg starts. Runners ‘compete’ for individual times on the leg and an overall, cumulative team time for the event. This was the 20th running of the CTR and I think it was the 15th year for the Boondock Harriers. Barry Diggins, a long time Harrier, owes me a history with a bit more specifics.

The focus for many teams is less on the competition and more on the having fun, but the highlight for the Harriers this year was beating the Great Canadian Honking Goose by over 40 minutes. For me, the highlight was my taking on Leg 4 (Smokey). Smokey is a 20km run with a bloody great big mountain in the middle. I was very apprehensive about running Smokey because of the hill. Run a hill too hard and you can’t finish; run a hill too easy and you will end up last. I’m waaaaaay too driven to want to end up last in anything and not finishing is not an option! In the end, I’m very happy with how I did. While I could have taken Smokey a shade harder, but there is no way I could have caught the person ahead of me. I’m just not in their league. Now that Smokey is out of the way, I’m wondering if taking on North Mountain next year is in the cards?

This year’s event was just as sociable as previous years, with just as many wacky costumes and with just as much eating and drinking. Everyone had a good run on their leg (at least no one threw up, as in past years!). There was no rain this year, except for a short shower. I have posted photos taken during the run at my Flickr site. You can look at them one-by-one, or in a slideshow. If you run the slideshow, make sure you turn comments on by clicking the ‘i’ in the middle of the screen (move your mouse there first).

Many thanks to Paul, Tom, and Dave for sharing their photos.

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