Sunday, 3 June 2007

EMS Chiefs of Canada Conference

I was in Winnipeg for the first time in about 15 years last week. Oliver, Brent and I attended the EMS Chiefs of Canada conference that was held there. It is a small conference, as these things go, but its always good to get out and meet people in the industry.

We got to meet a number of people and Oliver and Brent demonstrated our software for a number of potential customers. We were also able to get caught up on industry rumours.

Ollie correctly guessed that MarCom material for Siren would be in short supply, so he whipped up three 2' by 3' posters ON THE PLANE. He then convinced a local print shop to stay open an extra hour to print them out. The results were outstanding (that boy has talent).

I was out for an early morning walk / shoot when I came across these girls. They were hootin' and hollerin' for the Senators to bring the Cup back to Canada. It was a publicity stunt that Scotiabank put together. Apparently, 'peggers would rather see the Ducks win than a Canadian team. The next thing you know, they will want to separate!

To see the rest of the photos from last week, click here.

I have a ton of photos from the Cabot Trail Relay. I'm waiting on some slides to come back from the lab before I finish off the post. As I'm off to Dallas this week, I probably won't get them completed until next week-end.

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