Friday, 22 June 2007

More Portraits

A quick post before I hit the road again. This time I'm off to England. I am planning to do some hiking up the The Lake district before going to a trade show in Harrogate. Last week the Spa Meister (Oliver) asked me to take some publicity shots of a couple of his staff. It was a great experience, although I'm finding portraiture is very different than other types of photography.

Not only do you have the higher degree of interaction with the subject, but there is a finite time difference. Instead of reacting to the subject, you have to think and plan ahead. I think it is much more challenging than anything else. Photogs like Annie Leibovitz are brilliant (go check out her latest 20 cover shots for the current issue of Vanity Fair). Hopefully I'll get more experience and develop my skills in this area further. I've posted the rest of the shoot in the Portrait set on my Flickr site. I'll close out with a shot of Ollie in his new spa (under construction).

Ollie, Spa Meister

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