Friday, 29 June 2007


In between the AMBEX show and our next stop (The Netherlands for a RAVU meeting), Angie and I traveled to York. York is a lovely old walled city with lots of character. Since it dates back to the Roman Empire, it is an interesting place to ‘reflect’ upon history and our place in it! York is a mix of Modern, Medieval, and Victorian architecture. I quite enjoyed touring the Minster (Medieval). This was the first church I have toured were the local minister was present and asked visitors to pause and remember the less fortunate, which we did. The church had the usual Gothic arches and stained glass windows. It was quite impressive.

A short time-out for a pause at “Betty’s”, hosted by cheerful staff before hitting the streets again to see the small but impressive Norman Keep / Tower. Nearby was a local who had obviously built up a rapport with the local geese. On the way back to the train station, we came across “The Shambles”, which appears to be the source for the English term “in a shambles”. Local butchers heaped their wares out on “shammels” for customers to select their choice from. Shammels became the name of the road, which then became Shambles, which was then used as a metaphor for things in disarray, much like the meat on the original “shammels”. Our route back to the train station took us along the city wall, where we ran into Bryan Singleton and his wife. What are the odds of that happening?!

For a slide show of all of the Harrogate and York photos (which are part of the larger UK trip set), click here.

I'm quite far behind in my posting. I have posts for trips (and photos) for Amsterdam and Newfoundland yet to post. With any luck I will do that this week-end. Also, I'm close to understanding why Blogger screws up the photos (you may have noticed that some have horrible 'jaggies' while others are fine). Until I get it figured out, its best to view all the photos over at my Flickr site, where there are no compression issues and the photos should show well.

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