Saturday, 1 September 2007

Postcards: Tidal Bore Rafting

Low TideBlair, Anne, and I took a spin out on the tidal bore that comes up the Schubenacadie River. This bore is supposed to be the biggest tidal bore in Canada and a number of companies offer wild rides on the bore (and the afterwaves) their Zodiac boats. We booked on Tidal Bore Rafting Park . It was an early morning rise so I was surprised to see maybe 60 people waiting at the park.

LaunchWe split up into 8 boats to head out at low tide. With the water all the way out, we were knee deep in the muck before we were able to get into the boats. Anne lost both shoes and finding them was a challenge. We took a leisurely run down the river and waited for the bore on a sand flat in the middle of the river.

All dress up and no place to go

We didn't have to wait long and the bore was racing up the river. While riding the bore was interesting, it was nothing like riding the standing waves that form in different parts of the river as the tide advances upwards. The bow of the boat is the wettest spot, of course, but there really isn't much of a dry spot anywhere. I took the water shots with a cheap waterproof disposable film camera that the company was selling in the lodge. It did a decent job, and as you can see, timing is everything anyway!


After the tide had risen to the point where most of the waves had dissappeared, our pilot took us to a little corner of the river where you could slide down the muddy banks. This didn't last long either, as the tide quickly rose to cover the banks. House-to-house it was only 5 hours, but was a lot of fun.

See all of the photos from this outing at the end of the Outdoors set in Flickr.

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