Sunday, 28 October 2007

More Cheapness!

SandBags_8The small, portable Manfrotto (Bogen) light stands are very light. I guess that's why they are so portable! The down side is that they are easy to tip over, especially if there is an umbrella attached. Trish came to my rescue once again by sewing together some small "sandbags". These can easily go around the base of the light stand.

I can also hang them from the bottom of my tripod.


SandBags_1She started with cheap material from the the remenants section of the local fabric store. For $3.00, she bought more than enough material for 4 bags. The material she got seems to be quite durable and should stand up to years of abuse. I didn't care about the colour. In fact, I wanted the most garish fabric she could get, to make the bags more visible.

SandBags_6She cut a doubled over piece of fabric, then simple sewed two "pouches". She filled two ziploc bags with rice, so as to be able to guage how big to make each pouch.

She then sewed velcro into the mouth of each pouch. This means I can carry the "sandbags" without carrying a lot of weight. When I need to weight down my light stand or my tripod, I then add what ever is handy to get the weight. I carry a couple of ziploc bags and fill them with rice, stones, peas, whatever. I can even forgo the ziploc bags and put in a couple of water bottles or cans.




She left a couple of inches between the pouches so I could put in a couple of grommets in the fabric. This allows me to use a couple of hooks if need be (or hang the bag from my tripod hook).



Ziv said...

Great idea!

Arek Rainczuk said...

Cool idea, I too have problems with the umbrellas on a tripod- especially outdoors.