Sunday, 27 January 2008

Postcards from Stockholm

Moonrise over StockholmStockholm is pretty far north so the winter days are quite short. Today only had 7.5 hours of daylight, which compares to 9.5 Halifax received today (according to the Weather Underground) It seems Stockholm is a very safe city, ,as cities go, and I had no problems wandering around in the dark taking shots.

Stockholm has a lovely medieval flavour to it. It has been a long time since a war foisted destructiveness upon this city, so much of the old architecture remains intact. I particularly loved the soft muted colours on many of the older buildings. There are a lot of very warm colours, such as yellows and reds. I suspect this is a response to the short winter days.

Out for a Walk

As with much of Europe, churches here are high on the 'to see' list. While today we spend much of our resources building huge sports complexes, previous civilizations spent much of their time and effort building places of worship. I find it especially fascinating to wander through a medieval church, such as the Stockholm Cathedral. This interesting iron ball held an arrangement of candles, forsaking the usual alter.

Ball of Light

This church allowed the use of flashed, which is rare. Naturally I took the opportunity to play with my strobe by dragging the shutter to try and give Angela a bit of a halo while she was in church.

Angel's Halo

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