Saturday, 9 February 2008

Amsterdam and Leeds

Amsterdam Abstraction (4)After so many early mornings shooting in the dark, I was pretty tapped out by the time I reached Amsterdam. That and the fact that I've shot the city so many times before made it very hard to see anything new and unique. I tried the 'tried and true' shot of the trolley tracks in the road and then the trolley itself, but that couldn't really jump start the creative process.

Amsterdam Abstraction (3)

I also tried the 'abstract colours in the water' trick. The shot is a close up of the fountain in front of the hotel. A raw shot is here.

Amsterdam Abstraction (2)

The only thing 'new' that really caught my eye were the colours of the ads on the luggage carts at the airport.


The last time I was in Amsterdam I took a series of glass,metal and water abstracts (slide show here) to occupy myself while suffering through 'awake-in-the-middle-of-the-night" jet lag. On this trip I decided to shoot some abstracts of the different hotel rooms I stayed in during the trip.

Hotel Abstraction (3)
Hotel Abstraction (4)
Hotel Abstraction (2)
Hotel Abstraction (1)

Following the trade mission trip, I met up with Steve in Leeds for a visit with CSC. We stayed at a wonderful boutique hotel called Quebecs. It has the most charm of any hotel I've stayed at. There is a wonderful spiral staircase with stained glass windows just off of the lobby.


Once again, here is the link to all the photos that I took on this trip.


Flying Rhino said...

Dude, that tram picture makes me jealous that I haven't made it. I'm only wondering, how did you get the light stripes like that without the tram being visible between the light stripes?

Scott said...

The tram is not visible because there is no (or little) ambient light to reflect off of the sides of the tram. The light stripes are from an active light source so they show up. I order to see the tram, I would have needed to use a flash onh the side of the street. I was actually going to do that when I realized that the flash would probably blind the tram driver and that would be a BIG mistake!

thanks for stopping by,

FlyingRhino said...

In Dutch, we got this saying: "Geluk bij een ongeluk". Translated literally to English: "Luck at bad luck". That certainly is applicable with this picture.