Wednesday, 4 June 2008

Mirror, Mirror, In My Hand, ...

...Who are the Fairest Runners in the Land? That would be the Boondock Harriers, whom I have blogged about before.

Some of the Boondock Harriers have been running the CTR a very long time, and many of us newer members have been wondering about the early years. Barry Diggins was kind enough to write a little history here (which I have edited to reflect the PG nature of my readership).

In 1985, Barry Diggins and Mike Jessome met in Barry’s living room to organize a team for the Rum Runner’s Relay, which was going to run in September of that year. Some of the other original team members were Ian and Leslie Tulloch, Mona Clarke, Dennis O’Leary, John Smith, and Anne Nugent.

The team needed a name. Since the majority of the runners were from the Fall River, Fletchers Lake, and Grand Lake area, the name “Lake-River Runners” was proposed. This was not particularly appealing, as it sounded a little anemic. John Smith came up with the name of Harriers, which is a name used by many running clubs in the UK (the most famous of which would be the Hash House Harriers). Since most of the team lived outside the city core, an area also known as “The Boondocks”, they added the term “Boondock” . The result was The Boondock Harriers.

The Harrier’s ran in the RRR for 12 years before entering as a team in the 1998 CTR. The idea came to a bunch of the Harriers who were running the 1997 CTR with a team called The Shin Splints. Some of those participants were Greg Vail, Paul Delorrusso, Benoit Casault, Scott Webster, and Danny Foran. Danny was the man who made the Gothic scripted “Respect” sign. Barry, who became the Harrier organizer for the 1998 season, consulted with himself and decided it was a high time that the Boondock Harriers expanded and officially participated in the Cabot Trail Relay under their true colours.

The early CTR years were marked by a friendly rivalry with the Gray Hounds. The fact that some of the runners on the Harriers were the same age as and were friends with members of the Gray Hounds may have had something to do with this rivalry. Lately, this rivalry has been replaced with a rivalry with the Great Canadian Honking Goose. Speaking of which, the results of the latest Harrier efforts show clearly that Dogs Love Cooked Goose:

The Dogs Cook Goose - Again

All good fun, though, and this year we even posed together for a two-team photo at the end of the event.

CTR 2008

The sights along the route this year, like other years, often gave pause for thought.

CTR 2008

I must say, I've always liked the name of the team "Fast Women - Happy Men"

CTR 2008

One of the most distracting sights, however, is Mike chowing down. Do not get in between Mike and his food.

CTR 2008

Contrast this with David's more genteel approach of dining at the table, with a handy loo nearby.

CTR 2008

Although some were licking their lips for other reasons.

CTR 2008

All of the photos from this year’s run are here in a slide show. Make sure you click on the centre of a photo to turn on the commentary.

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