Sunday, 13 July 2008

Halifax June Strobist Meet-up

A few photographers got together to try some off camera lighting, Strobist style. I had arranged to have some models from Model Mayhem participate on a "time for CD" basis, but they didn't show up. I had been warned that this would probably happen, so I asked three friends (Tara, Lindsay, and Angie) to step in front of the cameras. Don (Wizwow) Giannatti was in town to run a lighting workshop and he and Briana joined us, which gave us 8 shooters and 4 models. Trish and Sheryl (Kevin's wife) came along to help.

I had been worried about rain and what to do in that case, but the weather turned out to be wonderful and we were able to start shooting right after breakfast at the Bluenose Restaurant downtown. We paired off with two photographers shooting one model and headed down to a parking lot that had lots of graffiti on the walls. I spent the morning working with Lindsay and I was quite happy with the shots I got.

Briana 4We then went to the Public Gardens and switched people around. I shot with Don and Briana. I was looking for an "action" shot, hoping to freeze her with strobe lights. I took a lot of shots and even with Don's guidance, only one came close to what I was looking for. Most were blurry, so I think the problem was my shutter speed was too low and let too much ambient light in. While I regrouped, Don took Bri and the lights over to the seats behind the bandstand for a few shots. He knows his light well enough to just drop the stands down in place and start shooting.

Briana 1He only chimped after he had taken quite a few shots and since he had quite a few to review, I hopped up on one of the benches and shot looking down on Bri. Ever the pro, as soon as she saw I was going to shoot, she posed and I love the result. Both this shot and the previous one are B&W because when I regress in my photography, it is straight back to the womb -- I can only see in terms of lines and tones until I get my head back in the game.

We then wandered over to a bank of trees where Don once again just dropped the stands down in place and started shooting. I took a couple of frames at the same specs and sure enough, the exposures were dead on! Don had Bri, who is a dancer, try a few dance moves while shooting her from below. That lead to an embarrassing "wardrobe malfunction" so Trish lent her a top to wear. You'll see in the second pic that her top is now black instead of white! When my turn came, I continued with the theme of "jumping", which lead to the second "wardrobe malfunction"!

Briana 3

Tara 2After we regrouped, everyone agreed it was past time to eat, so we walked up the road to the Saege Bistro for some wonderful food and even better desserts! Following a food intermission, Angie had to leave, but the rest of us went out by the Rotary for a few more shots. I shot Tara, who I have shot before. Don was showing us how to wrap light around the model, a la "Dave Hill". It produces an interesting effect and one I'm sure Tara and I will explore a bit further. It certainly helped having Sheryl and Trish along. We shooters tended to jump right into the scene and forgot about out gear. A few passers-by slowed down for a look that was a little too intent for Trish, who immediately sat down next to the gear.


Big hugs to Trish and Sheryl for giving up their day to tag along with us. Kevin, we are two lucky dudes to have wives like this! Also many thanks to Bri, Lindsay, Tara, and Angie for agreeing to pose for us and having a world of patience as we worked through our lighting process. You guys were awesome!

A slide show of my shots from the day are here. Shots from all the photographers who were there and who have posted their shots on Flickr are here.

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Tanya Shields said...

Nice writeup got some really good stuff from the day!

I hope the others tag their photos, I'm interested in seeing them!!!

Thanks again for organizing!!!