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Blue HutI came across one shot in the Denmark file that was taken in Apeldoorn just before I left for Leeds. I'm not sure how it ended up there, but computers are funny things. Maybe it felt lonely and decided to cozy up to some other files. I was out for a dawn shoot in the woods next to Het Loo and I came across a small pond. It was quite calm and the leaves were a wonderful colour. As I walked around the pond, I saw a blue shed at the other end. It is not often you see red and blue out in nature so I stopped and made this composition.

Copenhagen is an interesting city. It is a lot like Amsterdam, but still quite different. The Danes have a style all of their own. In fact, the thing that impresses me about Copenhagen is how carefully they consider design issues in everything. The designs of the buildings and the furniture are usually very clean, simple, and ergonomic. Take a look at the products from the Danish company Bang and Olufesen to see what I mean.

I was thinking I would try and emulate this style in my shots,but it takes a LOT of work to shoot clean and simple. Also, I noticed on an earlier walk around town that not everything is clean and simple in Copenhagen. Like any big city, it has a gritty side to it.

Colour Version

EDIT: Flemming Gade lives in Denmark and commented about shots of the buildings, like the one above. It was very interesting and he gave me permission to repost it here:

"This area is called Nyboder.

Nyboder a set of houses situated close to the train station Østerport in the Østerbro district of Copenhagen, Denmark. The buildings were built under order of king Christian the 4th in 1631.

The main reason for this step was the increasing need of housing for enlisted men of the Royal Dano-Norwegian Navy and their families. The first of a total of 20 houses were finished in 1631 on plots of land outside Copenhagen purchased by the king. In total more than 200 apartments were fitted within the 20 buildings. The buildings have changed colour a number of times since the completion in 1641, ranging from the national colours of Denmark (red and white) to the reddish yellow colour that ordane the walls today.

To this day, the buildings still house enlisted personnel of the army, air force and navy. Priority of enlisted personnel was stopped in 2006 and the apartments are now not only a tourist attraction but also seen as upscale accommodation among people living in Copenhagen."

I decided to shoot gritty black and white photos. This took me back to my days of shooting Tri-X. Fortunately, I didn't have to spend a week in the darkroom coaxing latent images out for all to see. Instead, with a few clicks of the mouse, a slide show is here. After you view it the first time, click on "Info On" to see the comments I put with each shot.

This post marks the end of my frantic blogging over the last couple of days. If you have been following as I post, you can click here to load my full blog and then scroll down to see if you missed any posts. Also, you can click here for a slide show of all my shots from this trip.

EDIT: click on the links above for a large version of the slide show. A smaller version of the complete slide package is embedded below. You can click on a photo to see my comments (if any).

All shots from this trip:

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