Thursday, 6 November 2008

Las Vegas Encore

Excalibur with Full MoonWith lots of entertainment possibilities, over 200,000 hotel rooms, and over 2,000,000 sq. ft . of convention floor space, it is not surprising that a lot of trade shows are held in Las Vegas. What is surprising is that I haven’t been to a show there in 4 years until this fall.

I don’t really like Las Vegas. I am not a fan of gambling so I don’t spend much time in the casinos. The Strip has become ‘ho-hum’ after so many years of walking it, although I did wander out for my usual dawn shoots to try some new type of shots. The worst thing with being up so early is that the only model available is me.

Vegas Self-Portrait

What I do look forward to in Vegas is running up the park road in Red Rock Canyon. The park is outside the city and up in the hills. It is cooler than the city and the air is much cleaner. I love the desolation of the desert.

At dawn, the colour of the sky is incredible and while the run is tough (it’s a steep “up and down” run), the whole experience borders on the spiritual. An hour up there first thing in the morning makes it easier to take the strip for another day.

Full Moon Sets over Red Rock Canyon

This time out I had a super special run. Angie has started running so she came along and we were both treated to a full moon setting as the sun was coming up. While the hour was a bit too early for both of us, we both had a fab time.

Click here for a short slide show from this trip.

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