Saturday, 8 November 2008

More Postcards from Mokum

Mokum Morning Shot (2)I’m posting fast and furious, it seems. Jet lag when I come west always gets me out of bed at 3:00 in the morning. That’s early even for me, so I fill in time by processing shots and posting. In case you are having trouble keeping track, go to the root of the blog here and scroll down through the posts. I only have a couple of posts left: this post on Amsterdam and one from Copenhagen.

Amsterdam is starting to feel a bit like home and it is becoming a challenge to shoot it, since there are fewer “discoveries” for me. As usual, I went out for my pre-dawn shoot and while I burned off several frames, none were inspiring. Disappointed, I returned to my hotel.

I remembered Freeman Paterson’s advice on avoiding “shooters block”: just pick a spot and shoot 10 or 20 different compositions from that spot before moving to another spot. I was already back in my hotel room and due to check out in 20 minutes. The only option here was to shoot this exercise in my room. I had this lovely view out over one of the canals, so I opened up the window and shot through it as the sun came up. I ended up with the following three very different compositions, all shot within the space of 10 minutes.

The first is an overall view of the scene.

I shot upwards for the second photograph. The tops of the buildings in this light reminded me of the story “Peter Pan”. I could almost see Peter and friends flying off through the sky to Neverland!

Amsterdam Morning Shot (2)

Back to reality and the third composition, which is shot downwards. I focused on the busy rush to work, as contrasted with the calm of the canal and the closed restaurant.

Amsterdam Morning Shot (3)

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