Friday, 7 November 2008

More Postcards from Norway

Bryggen in the Morning

Bergen reminds me of The Rockies and St. John’s all rolled into one. While the terrain is very similar to Banff, albeit with shorter mountains, the weather is just like St. John’s: windy and wet! Also, the town is much older. The region of Bryggen, above, is UNESCO World Heritage site. In fact, the town is so much like St. John’s, I found it hard to shoot because it felt so familiar.

Trish joined me on an early morning ramble and I caught our shadows looking back at us on the steps in front of a church.

Early Morning Shooters

In a challenge to myself, I tried to capture both this church and Trish, with a bit of off camera lighting magic. She is at the bottom just off to the right of center.

Morning Church

I think my best capture of the morning was this shot of white tires on a wharf next to Peppes Pizza.

Mint Lifesavers!

Since we only half a few days, we crammed in as much as possible, taking a “Norway in a Nutshell” excursion. The trip started by train to the town of Voss where we transferred to a bus, which took us to the town of Gudvangen. From there we took a ferry to Flaam. The fjords are steep and narrow so that large ships are able to travel up to the many towns scattered along them.

Through the Mist

Steep cliffs along the fjords with lots of rain water run off makes for many water falls.


The weather was miserable. Lots of wind and rain, so we spent most of the ferry ride inside looking out.

Respite from the Rain

At Flaam, we stopped for lunch and wandered around before we took our train to Myrdal. We ran into a bunch of Norwegians. Angie took a shine to the horny one while Trish gave the other a nose job.

Trolling for....??

From Flaam we took a special train up and over the mountains to Myrdal. We ran into two fellow Canadians with whom we shared a lovely antique coach. It had wooden paneling, something you don't see on today's modern coaches.

All Aboard!

Myrdal is at an elevation of 867 m and the rain below fell as wet snow at this altitude.

Norwegian Mountain High

Most of our other travelers were travel agents on an education journey and it looked like most of them had never seen snow before, as impromptu snowball fights broke out everywhere.

Snowball Fight by the Tracks

From Myrdal, we transferred to another train that returned us to Bergen. For a slide show of photos from our stay in Bergen, click here.


Janice said...

Wonderful to see these photos of Bergen which brought back so many memories.

I made the same trip once -back in the fall of 1987 - but have no photos because my camera was stolen in Amsterdam a few days later.

Oddly, I made the trip with a fellow named Scott -- Scott Yoder from California - who came to my rescue when I left my money belt (containing my passport, traveller's cheques, etc.) behind on the ferry. Needless to say, a memorable day for all sorts of reasons.

At any rate, thanks for sharing!

Matte Stevenson said...

Have I ever mentioned how *blisteringly* jealous I am of the locales you've been for business trips?

Good lord -- y'all send me to Detroit -- you get out to Norway!

Some great shots Scott - you're doing wonders with that D70 :)