Sunday, 29 March 2009

HPS Wedding Seminar

A Bride's Radiance!Steve Kaiser ran a "shooting weddings" workshop at St. Mary's Basilica for the Halifax Photographic Society. It was a great event, although less for shooting and more for learning the process and protocol of shooting before, during, and after a ceremony.

None-the-less, if you mix a room full of photographers with a location oozing with charm and sprinkle in three willing models, you will get *some* shots!

It was also my first real test of my new D700 in low lighting. I shot at ISO 1600 and was very pleased with the low level of noise in my images.

Here is a link to a very short slide show of my shots.


David Brown said...

That's why I'm still a little bleak that I opted for the D300 instead of the D700. 1600 with a D300 isn't really usable, imho. Did you run any 3rd party noise reduction software on these images?

Beautiful shots, though.

Scott said...

David: The noise on my D70s was so high, I put Neat Image noise reduction into my standard workflow. I probably do not need it as much (if at all) with the D700, but old habits are hard to break. So, yes, there is some NR in the images.