Sunday, 22 March 2009

Smoke Abstracts

Smoke MonsterBlair and I were playing around with some incense smoke to create some abstracts. We set up a black background and put some incense on a table. We cross lit the smoke with a couple of strobes set to 1/16 power and shot at 1/250 @ f8, ISO 200. We tried wide angles and zooms and found that zooming in on the smoke as it just came off of the incense was the best.

We then pulled the files into PS and adjusted the levels to increase the density of the smoke. Some of them we inverted to get black on white, some we left as white on black. We then painted colors onto the smoke. A few manipulations such as copying and blending allowed us to create some very interesting abstracts. Blair took it a few steps further by applying some distortions to create some really far out effects. I hope he posts them up on Flickr soon so I can link to this blog. All-in-all, it was quite addictive.

Smoke Insect

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