Saturday, 21 March 2009

St. Lucia

Sun, sand, beach, sky.Trish and I have never gone anywhere hot for a winter vacation. Quite the opposite. We usually head to some ski event, where temperatures can be quite cold. At one Birkie marathon, the temperature at the start was -32 (the temperature when I finished was slightly warmer at -31).

Since I already had a dose of winter when I spent a week on my own at the World Cup event at Whistler Olympic Park, this year we decided to go south to the Sandals Grande Resort in St. Lucia. The weather was definitely not cold! On the contrary, it was the definition of sun & sand.

Pool 3One of the things I wanted to try out on this vacation was some underwater photography. I got a special case for Trish's Canon G7 and tried it out in both the pool and in the ocean. The pool shots turned out much better and I especially like the ability to shoot the small flowers that were floating in the pool. To be able to shoot from a completely different perspective was quite fascinating, especially shooting from the bottom of the pool up!

GeckoI was also keen to shoot in the jungle, so we went on a "tropical rain forest guided tour". While the tour guide was a bit of a character, I found the Caribbean rain forest was quite interesting with completely different plant and animals from what we are used to in Canada. The animals are much more aggressive: this little guy came up to me and asked me if I was satisfied with my insurance. He said his cousin was in the business and he could get me a good deal.

Since we were at an ocean front resort, there was also a lot of activities like sailing and kayaking. I managed to squeeze in a bit of both and thoroughly enjoyed running the catamaran.

Unlike creating photographs, linking together words into a coherent sentence is a bit of chore for me. So in keeping with the 'not-at-work' theme, I'll let my shots do the talking. Click here for a slide show.

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