Tuesday, 24 March 2009

The Round Church

The Round Church_20090228_0020-2 When I'm taking pictures I can always tell when something is going to turn out well. I get this sense of 'connectedness' bordering on the spiritual. It's an addiction that motivates me to haul my ass out of bed at 5:00 for pre-dawn shoots. And nowhere to I get that sense of connectedness-come-spirituality than when shooting inside an old church. Not that there is anything wrong with new churches, it just that they don't have the same 'presence' as older ones.

The Round Church Crew

The guys at the Halifax Photographic Society organized a shoot at St. George's Anglican church, also known as The Round Church.

Holy ArchesI've never been inside a round church, until now. It was quite interesting and nowhere as odd as you might think. The first thing I noticed was that the ceiling was the same colour as that of Trinity Anglican church In Kingston, NB - a very odd coloured blue. It turns out both were built in the late 1700's, which likely has something to do with the choice of colours. An attempt to create an illusion of a 'blue sky' when casting a glance at heaven?

Different churches inspire different types of shots. This one, like Trinity, inspired me to look for shapes and connections, although I think that the moody tones of the shot of the entrance is my favorite.

Grand Entrance

Yes, that is Blair front and centre in the group shot above. Click on the photo to go to Flickr and run your mouse over the photo to see the names of the rest of the crew.

A slide show of my shots from St. George's is here.


Anonymous said...

Wesley United church in St. John's Nf is a round church. It has all the same details you have identified with your camera lens: the altar, the seats, the lovely curves of the walls going up to the beautiful round gallery, and the spiral staircase that looks very like a chambered nautilus. It is likely that you were inside that church...at one time.

Scott said...

In that case, I stand corrected about not being in a round church before.

I was a member at Wesley United and have a number of shots from there, including one of the staircase coming down from the gallery (I'll have to see if I can find a link to that shot).

I don't remember it as a 'round church', though. It could be because it is quite a bit bigger than St Georges and there is no dome in the ceiling.