Sunday, 7 February 2010

Newfoundland Postcards

I was home for a few days and had the chance to take a few shots. This is my son Blair and his girlfriend, Andy.

Blair is starting to learn his way around a camera as well.

Blair and I got up very early one morning to head out to one of my favourite places to shoot sunrises - Cape Spear.

Cape Spear holds the honour of being the first place in North America touched by the sun each morning. In this case, we didn't see much of the sun, other than a warm red glow between the dense cloud cover and the horizon. Oddly enough,the colour balance I was using meant the glow of the streetlights over the city was a similar red.

We went out to visit my folks in their new digs. They have a wonderful view of the harbour from their living room.

These shots are "panorama"shots, which is a series of individual photographs stitched together in Photoshop to make one huge image. You can't see the benefit of this on the internet, where everything is only a very small resolution.

Where their extremely high resolution makes them great is very large prints to hang on your wall. Usually, I will create a panorama of a landscape or a "street-scape". However there is another use for such a style, and that is to get an ultra-wide angle viewpoint, as in this indoor shot of Blair and Ron.

With Blair and Andy's help, I set up a few strobes and took a few shots of Mom and Ron. We had a few good laughs, as Ron kept blinking when the flash went off, so that his eyes were closed in almost all of the photos.

In the end, we did get a couple of shots with everyone's eyes open.

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