Thursday, 15 April 2010

Noir Postcards

Jaymee invited me to a "film noir" themed shoot in the old Roy Building. Which begs the question "What is Film Noir?" For a photographer, there are two important parts to consider: the subject and the lighting.

The subject of Film Noir movies varied during the classic period (1940 to 1960), but most people will instantly recognized the mystery movie with the hard boiled detective and the femme fatale as a stereotypical member of the genre. The models who participated in the shoot took this theme to heart so we were able to stage shots using two femme fatales and two detectives.

The Roy Building certainly lent itself to the noir detective theme. There was a fabulous walk-in safe in one of the hallways and the windows and doors the wonderful wood frames and textured glass that are reminiscent of so many noir films.

Most people will recognize a film noir picture from its stark lighting. Typically low key (dark) with very high contrast lighting, and usually a repeating pattern of shadows. I tried to recreate that with a couple of Speedlights. I choose to kill most of the ambient light and use the light from the flashes to highlight parts of the models, as well as create the shadows.

Many Noir films also used very low angles when shooting

A complete slide show of my shots from this shoot is here:

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