Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Pearson Postcards (4): Graffiti

I love graffiti. I love it enough to spend a whole day in Amsterdam shooting over 300 photographs of some of the best graffiti I've seen anywhere, and I will eventually figure out how to turn it all into some sort of photo exhibit.

Or rather, I love some graffiti. There is a lot of graffiti that is just pure vandalism. I find that is usually the case when the "artist" is trying to make a political statement instead of an artistic statement. So you can imagine my dismay when I went for a walk one night at Pearson College and saw "manifesto" graffiti written everywhere!

David Hawley, the current College Director, was looking at some fresh work scrawled across the side of Gary's House, which of course now goes by the name McLaughlin House.

"David," says I, "what are you doing?"

"Scott," says he, "we have a terrible problem with graffiti and we don't have the budget to pay someone to police the buildings, so I am myself trying to catch whomever is doing this. I think it is someone from your reunion! Fortunately, we do not have the expense of cleaning it up, as it has been done with a flashlight and will vanish at sunrise".

"Well," says I, " I think I can help. Since I am such a talented photographer, my eye is attuned to messages scribed in light. I think I can use my camera to catch whomever is perpetrating this heinous act. If nothing else, I can piece together their political message, which will give us a clue as to who is responsible".

So I set up my camera and began my detective work. My first photograph revealed the message "YR 4" brazenly etched into the side of Sadru's House. Oops, I mean Victoria House.

My next shot caught the message "YR5" written on the side of Harambee, err, East House. This was getting interesting!

Then out front of East House on the pavement was "YR 6". When I looked closely, I saw I caught the culprit in action! Bonus! Now we know we need to track down a guy (those look like a man's legs) wearing thick blue running socks, New Balance running shoes, and who is obviously a "morning person". I think this person might even be a runner!

This graffiti artist was getting bolder, for when I walked further down the path towards the Physics Building (I have no idea what it is called now) I saw a great big "30" scribed on the main path.

The ultimate audacity was venturing into a high traffic area and writing "reunion" on the path by the LLT, as if daring someone to catch him.

Aha! I am getting somewhere now. The message is clearly "Year 4, 5, and 6 - 30th Reunion". So David was correct! It is one of us!

The message that David was looking at when I chanced upon him was PC RULEZ

I have it straight from the "artist" that he didn't get to complete the final message, which was to have been "AC DROOLZ"

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owner Daly Street House said...

Have you considered a job at the Scott-land yard??? Excellent detective work!