Wednesday, 8 September 2010


Grindhouse is an American film genre that is a little on the graphic side and not something I would normally photograph. It is always good to stretch yourself every now and then so I signed up for the shoot anyway. I can now reaffirm that this is really not my genre and I have no idea how guys like Quentin Tarantino can be as creative as they are with this as a subject matter.

As a subtle play on words from the "graphic" nature of the genre, I had the idea to be very visually "graphic", (think line art or even cartoon) as my concept for this shoot. I wanted to shoot high, contrasty shots that I could process into "graphic" images, so I shot an SB900 straight on a light stand using CLS, and usually put the stand to the left or from behind, and used an SB800 on CLS Master 1 stop below the SB900 for fill. I was looking for shadows and wanted to pop the texture of the cement walls. I then took them into CS5 and processed for high contrast and low saturation.

Our models were Stefano, Melanie, Angela, and Stephen. They did an awesome job of keeping up with a gaggle of photographers and contributing ideas on the fly. Anyone want to mess with this lady?

A Flickr slide show of a selection of images from the shoot is here.

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