Saturday, 4 September 2010

Pearson Postcards (5): No Talent

Max Bell Hall
We held a "non-talent" show in the Max Bell Hall one night. The Max Bell Hall is a cavern and it can be a real black hole for a photographer. I really struggled with shooting there when I was a student, but with 30 years of experience under my belt, I was looking forward to grabbing a few “snaps”.

Thanks to Al Sande, we were able to “broadcast” the show to others who were not able to make the reunion. David set up a small projector and screen off to the side of the stage, which allowed the “in-person” audience to see the “on-line” audience chatting. As you can see from this shot, not everything was working quite to specification. Still, I think the concept is great and with a little careful planning and the right technology, it could work quite well. If you cannot read the text on the shot below, click here for a larger photo.

PC Reunion_0339

The “in –person” audience was in a much better position to appreciate the exceptional non-talent at the show.

PC Reunion_0328

Beatriz did a magic act where she demonstrated her psychotic psychic ability.

PC Reunion_0335

However, she is much better at dancing, and after much pleading with Andrew, she finally got him up on stage.

PC Reunion_0398

PC Reunion_0399

PC Reunion_0400

They really “cut up the rug”, as we say in Newfoundland.

PC Reunion_0403

Allison talked about the current situation at the college.

PC Reunion_0309

Continuing with the “financial" theme, we had the Esperanto High Fliers Business Consulting Unit present their findings for David.

PC Reunion_0314

PC Reunion_0316

David listened intently. He was either (a) very intent on gleaning as much as he could from the presentation, or (b) wondering how he was going to justify those high priced EHFBCU consultants to the Board of Trustees.

PC Reunion_0318

I mentioned that the Max Bell Hall can be a black hole for a photographer. This shot of Lene and Carolyn singing on stage is an example of what I mean.

PC Reunion_0425

To grab shots of the performers, you typically have to shoot at a very high ISO and get and right in their face, as in this shot of the Patry family magic act.

PC Reunion_0379

I could go on and on, but instead, here is a small slide show:

A larger version of the slide show is here on Flickr.

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These are great photos.

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