Saturday, 4 September 2010

Pearson Postcards (7): Odd's N' Sods

This is my last Pearson Postcards post. It has taken longer to post all of my shots because I manually process my photos. Also, no-one sends "postcards" without writing a little something on the back, so I wanted to make sure I had some of the back story for the shots for those who were not able to make the reunion. I have a small “odd’s and sod’s" collection of postcards from the reunion, such as this shot of the whalebones in the chemistry classroom.

There were a lot of activities for us to participate it, from just hanging around outside playing,

to paddling on the water.

When I was at the College, the Director's house was unofficially off limits, so I don't have any photos from the area around there. David, the current Director, has a different style and he and Leisa are very welcoming. This was a great opportunity to set up for a self-portrait behind their house looking out Pedder Bay.

Taking your own photo is a bit like being at the scene of an accident; people stop and look.

And soon, more people show up.

And before you know it, everyone is there and you end up with a group shot!

A small slide show of these and some of the other odd shots is below.

The large slide show on Flickr is here.

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