Sunday, 26 December 2010

Sunday Shoots: One

I booked every Sunday in the month of October this year to do some in-depth studio shooting. I called the series "Scott's Sunday Studio Shoots" and I arranged my time in three blocks for each Sunday. A casting call on Model Mayhem for each slot brought a lot of offers from models to pose, but as usual with Model Mayhem, many of the models did not show up for their bookings. Fortunately for me, the models who did show were fabulous. We learned from each other and we bagged a number of great shots.

This is the first in a series of posts from my first round of Sunday Studio Shoots and was with Jenn, Anne, and Tena.

My first slot on this particular Sunday was with Jenn. We explored a lot of high-key shots, as I wanted to be able to shoot this style without even thinking about it.

The nice thing about high-key is that you can extend the background quite easily, such as in this shot.

This allows copy editors to lay down text for ads, but it also means you can quite easily make composite shots.

After shooting high-key for what seemed like hours, we flipped to a neutral back ground for a few close-ups.

As a photographer, I am always looking for the expression in a model's eyes. Here you can see how unique Jenn's eyes are and how they pop with the combination of colours in this composition.

I had my Steichen "In High Fashion" book with me, which I think is really Fashion Porn for Photographers. I explained this to Jenn, a photographer herself, and she struck a suitable pose with the text.

The studio had a wall with the paint peeling off of it and we tried a few poses against it. Nothing really worked until we brought in a fan to kick back Jenn's hair and amped the lighting for some harsh shadows.

My daughter took the second time slot and I am saving those photos for another Postcards post.

My third slot was with Tena, a fabulous and experienced model. I wanted to explore some of the concepts in Steichen's book and we settled one of his shots that shows a foot and some jewelry.

I was lucky to have Elle with me. She is another photographer and is pretty skilled at reverse lighting a photo. We worked on the lights for a bit and came close to the Steichen shot, even though Tena wasn't really dressed for the fancy, formal nature of the original shot. I noticed that my composition was a bit higher than Steichen's, which meant that I was lighting Tena's face.

I loved this idea and flipped around to camera left to change the composition and at the same time, angled the second light up to illuminate Tena's face even more.

This was a great start to a month long series of shoots. More to come.

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JayM said...

There is some sick lighting going on there, amigo. Nicely done. The high-key stuff has stock written all over it.