Sunday, 19 December 2010

The Lightside Session

A while ago I shot a series of photos I called the Darkside Session. The shots were of Max, Jon, and Mary-Ellen, some fabulous athletes. At the time, I had three sessions in mind: first was a low-key theme, second was a high-key theme, and third was a location themed shoot. I recently got Max back into the studio for the high-key themed shoot.

Whereas the low-key idea was to generate some artsy-styled shots, the idea this time was to generate shoots for her website,

High key produces a totally different feel to a photograph than a low-key photograph, mainly because there are no shadows (or very few). This makes them great for advertising or illustration. The next time you are in a store, have a look at the photos you see illustrating the goods for sale. Chances are they will be high-key shots done on a white background. Here is a sample of the shots we got for Max.

Here is a slideshow of the series.

After we finished a series of shots that she could use on her website, I wanted to try something a bit more artistic (meaning graphic). I switched off my front lights and shot Max as a silhouette. I guess this is sort of a middle ground between high key and low key! Here is a sample.

Here is a slide show of the silhouette series.

Lighting notes: Two AB 1600 lighting the seamless background at f16. Two AB 1600 in soft boxes lighting Max at f 11. For the silhouette series, I simply turned off the front lights.

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