Sunday, 9 January 2011

Postcards: First Tracks

First Tracks 8Other than a quick course check before a race, I haven't skied in 4 years! When I heard there was snow at Kouchibouguac National Park, I was determined to get in my "first tracks" this week-end, coincidentally timed with this article on XC in the Globe and Mail.

Trish, Andy and Angie came with me on the 3 hour drive to Kouch in the search of snow and groomed trails. Trish hasn't been on skis in quite a while either (its been so long since I prepped her skis that I brought the wrong ones with us). As for Andy and Angie, they had never skied before, so this truly was a case of "first tracks". I brought my camera along to get some postcards of their first-ever ski.

First Tracks 9

First Tracks 6

There was a LOT of snow at Kouch. It had snowed heavily over night and more was coming down as we skied.

First Tracks 7

Skiing on the trails was like going through a tunnel of white.

First Tracks 1

The temperature was hovering around 0 C, which made for a wax challenge. Sometimes we would grip and sometimes we would slip.

First Tracks 4

First Tracks 5

Despite the weather and the stickiness, there were still smiles when we stopped at the Patterson hut for lunch and to warm up next to the wood stove.

First Tracks 2

While we were at Kouch, Anne and Zoey were at Martock where they made enough snow for a 1 km loop. Anne got her first tracks in there, and Zoey got her very "First Tracks" looking out the window at the skiers.

ZoeyFirstTracks copy

Since the Canada Games are there in about a month, Martock will likely keep making snow on their trails, and being only 45 minutes away, it is a more convenient place to get some tracks in than Kouch. I might even be able to convince everyone to go get "second tracks" this coming week-end!

Here is a slide show from the ski.

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Janice said...

Looks like you had an awesome day. Hope there's lots more skiing with the family in your future this winter.