Sunday, 9 January 2011

Sunday Shoots: Five

Sunday Shoots: Tena 5I booked every Sunday in the month of October this year to do some in-depth studio shooting. I called the series "Scott's Sunday Studio Shoots" and I arranged my time in three blocks for each Sunday. A casting call on Model Mayhem for each slot brought a lot of offers from models to pose, but as usual with Model Mayhem, many of the models did not show up for their bookings. Fortunately for me, the models who did show were fabulous. We learned from each other and we bagged a number of great shots.

This Sunday was a full day of shooting with Tena.

After a month of shooting every Sunday, I was looking forward to kicking back and "relaxing" with Tena. Tena runs one pose after another without pausing or thinking. She is also a very creative person and fun to collaborate with. We had discussed what concepts we wanted to do for this shoot ahead of time and not surprisingly, I wanted to go back and re-do the Steichen "leg shot". This time, Tena would be in high heels, jewelry, and a red dress. Elle was along with us and helped set up the lighting and we came up with this composition.

Sunday Shoots: Tena 1

It is much more faithful to Steichen's composition than my previous composition from my first Sunday Shoot, but I prefer my first shot.

We all hated the mustard yellow background we used the previous Sunday, so we decided to explore the funny, blue coloured seamless. We shot "ad-lib" for a bit, with Tena using bits of coloured cloth as props.

Sunday Shoots: Tena 4

While I liked the colour combinations, I wasn't getting any compositions that I liked, so we added in a chest to the props we were using. Tena had fun "going through" the clothes in the chest.

Sunday Shoots: Tena 3

Tena loves fashion. When she talks about clothes and fashion, she positively floats on air.

Sunday Shoots: Tena 2

I still wasn't satisfied with the compositions I was coming up with, so I talked Tena into doing some head shots. Here Tena really shone; she used a couple of different coloured head scarfs and started running through poses for me and I just let the shutter go. I varied the lighting somewhat, but stuck mostly to soft, bottom lighting or soft, top lighting. I couldn't possibly publish all of the great shots I got of Tena, but here is a sampling.

Sunday Shoots: Tena 6

Sunday Shoots: Tena 8

Sunday Shoots: Tena 9

Of all the great shots I captured, I'm torn between these two for "best of shoot" honours:

Sunday Shoots: Tena 7

Sunday Shoots: Tena 5

This wrapped up my "Sunday Studio Shoots in October". I had a ton of fun and I learned quite a bit. My thanks go to Ashley, Sara, Jenn, Jade, Tena, Carissa, Elle, Trish, Morgan, and Nadine for their help and patience during the shoot and during the post-processing.

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Some wild stuff in there with crazy color. I dig your crack at that Steichen shot.