Monday, 3 January 2011

Sunday Shoots: Four

2428 -6I booked every Sunday in the month of October this year to do some in-depth studio shooting. I called the series "Scott's Sunday Studio Shoots" and I arranged my time in three blocks for each Sunday. A casting call on Model Mayhem for each slot brought a lot of offers from models to pose, but as usual with Model Mayhem, many of the models did not show up for their bookings. Fortunately for me, the models who did show were fabulous. We learned from each other and we bagged a number of great shots.

This Sunday was dedicated to doing a fashion shoot for 2428.

2428 is a new clothing store located just around the corner from the studio I was using. Since they were so close, I thought it would be interesting if we could incorporate some of their clothing into a Sunday Shoot. Logan is one of the co-owners and we included him in the shoot list.

2428 -6

Of course I started with high-key, as you can see in this shot of Ashley.

2428 -9

The beauty of having such a nice white background (besides not affecting the colour of the clothing) is that you can easily extend it on the top or the sides.

2428 -10

Extending the background like this allows the ad writer to put copy on the ad. Here is a mock up of what an ad or poster could look like.

2428 -11

The other nice thing about shooting on a white background is that you can turn off the lights used to illuminate the background. Why? Because doing this means you are now shooting on a grey background and you don't have to change out the seamless paper.

2428 -12

2428 -8

2428 -7

Here is another example of how versatile it is: by moving Jenn closer to the background, and still with the background lights off, the background goes from grey back to white, but not as white as before.

2428 -5

Nadine was running make-up on this shoot, and I made sure I got a few head shots for her to use in her book. Here I moved Jenn a long ways away from the background so it darkened up dramatically, then used a ring light to light up her face.

2428 -4

And here is the same idea with Carissa. The ring flash creates this "glow" of shadow all around the model. I think you either like this effect or hate it.

2428 -3

We wrapped up the shoot with a "team" shot.

2428 -1

We also created a video of the shoot:

I learned a lot on this shoot about "managing" a shoot. There are obvious things like making sure the models have enough water and snacks. There are also things like making sure the models don't have the clothes on for too long, or walk on the seamless with their shoes on! Just measured by the learning alone, this was a success but we all also got some great shots for our book. Thanks to everyone who helped out on this shoot!

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