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Sunday Shoots: Three

Carissa 4I booked every Sunday in the month of October this year to do some in-depth studio shooting. I called the series "Scott's Sunday Studio Shoots" and I arranged my time in three blocks for each Sunday. A casting call on Model Mayhem for each slot brought a lot of offers from models to pose, but as usual with Model Mayhem, many of the models did not show up for their bookings. Fortunately for me, the models who did show were fabulous. We learned from each other and we bagged a number of great shots.

This Sunday's shoot was with Ashley, Carissa, and Tena.

Ashley was first up this Sunday. Again I wanted to practice my high-key, as there is no substitute for practice. Even though I had now shot quite a bit with this style, it appeared I still had a LOT to learn! The initial shots with Ashley seemed to work well.

Ashley 3

But what you do not see is all of the work I had to do in post-processing in order to get the colours back in line. I under-exposed the shot and when I compensated for the exposure, the reds went all wonky. I usually shoot a colour card as my first shot and check the exposure from it. I then use that shot in post with Adobe DNG editor to make sure all of my shots with that lighting set up are processed with the proper colour correction. I was able to get the high-key shots back in line somewhat, but the reds are not quite the same from shot-to-shot:

Ashley 8

From high-key I switched to coloured backgrounds. First by using a gel on the background lights to change the white to purple. Here you can really see the effect of poor colour management.

Ashley 2

From a gelled background we went to a mustard yellow background (it was the only yellow background I could get). The "accidental" colour management I was using worked a bit better, but the highlights are a bit hot.

Ashley 1

We actually didn't shoot in this order. We started with Ashley and high-key, but we then shot Carissa in high-key as well.

Carissa 9

After shooting both Ashley and Carissa in high key, we set up the yellow background and shot them both again.

Carissa 1

We tried Carissa posed on a dark couch. I turned up the background lights in order to lighten the mustard coloured seamless, which of course meant that the wrap light from the background was yellow. It was a nice effect here, but one that was totally unplanned, which is putting a positive spin on a dumb move.

Carissa 5

Look at the difference in the colour of the couch from the front to the back and you can see how much of a colour shift is happening from the background light. Fortunately the key light on Carissa's face is bright enough to drown out the yellow wrap light.

A quick shift in composition and the effect of the wrap light is muted in the over all image.

Carissa 4

While the yellow background was still up, Tena stepped in with some wonderfully bright and contrasting colours.

Tena 7

The blues and pinks went much better with the background than the black and red we were using earlier, but I really wasn't liking the yellow. We changed the set-up to use the dark wall of the studio and light it with a ring flash.

Tena 2

There is enough blue in the wall's colour to work with the colours Tena had on. In post, I tried a bit of high-pass filtering to create a bit of edge to the image.

Tena 1

The learning from this shoot was to always shoot the colour control card, even if you think you will not need it. If you don't need it and you shoot it, you have an extra frame and lost a total of 20 seconds in your shoot time. If you need it and haven't shot it, then you will spend days in extra post-processing.

Here is a slide show of the best of the shoot.

Thanks to Ashley, Carissa, and Tena for modelling and to Jenn and Elle for helping with the shooting.

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