Sunday, 16 January 2011

Zoey's First Postcards

Zoey's 1st PostcardsThis post has been a long time in the making. I started preparing for it back when I was shooting photos of Anne when she was pregnant. I wanted to include shots from Christmas, which was Zoey's first, so I haven't published her first blog post until now.

I've taken quite a few "belly" photos of pregnant women up to now, and I usually start off with a 3/4 profile of the "mom-to-be" or shots with her favourite puppy.

Zoey's 1st Postcards -2

Zoey's 1st Postcards -4

Anne's eyes have always been a brilliant blue, and when I was shooting this series with her blue top, I noticed that it matched those bright blue eyes.

Zoey's 1st Postcards -1

Of course when Zoey came along, I started to take her photo as well. Because they sleep a lot, newborns are very patient subjects.

Zoey's 1st Postcards -9

You can take shots from all sorts of different angles while they snooze.

Zoey's 1st Postcards -17

You can even go through wardrobe changes and they don't bat an eye (or wake up).

Zoey's 1st Postcards -15

Even an inquisitive little puppy sniffing the baby won't wake her up.

Since they sleep so much, it's easy to piece together some abstract shots.

Zoey's 1st Postcards -14Zoey's 1st Postcards -8

Zoey's 1st Postcards -13Zoey's 1st Postcards -11

As you can see, Zoey was born with a full head of fine, dark hair!

When Christmas rolled around, Zoey was bigger and not as sleepy. Anne put her in her new red outfit and we took some photos around the Christmas tree.

Zoey's 1st Postcards -28

The red outfit looked quite nice in a black and white composition (this one is my favourite of Zoey so far).

Zoey's 1st Postcards

After a short pause for some food for Zoey and a wardrobe change, we took some more photos, although Zoey was still hungry and was more interested in chewing on her giraffe.

Zoey's 1st Postcards -25

Of course I have quite a few shots of Zoey and here is a slide show of the best of Zoey's first Postcards. You can move your mouse over this show to see an index of all of the shots, as well as commands such as "pause" and "play"


Ashley said...

Beautiful pictures and a very unique way of presenting the gorgeous pictures. With 2 beautiful models I am not suprised the pics are so precious.
I also love the cute closeups of all her lil cute bits!
Great job!

...I wish I had done this with the twins! Beautiful memories captured forever.

Wendy said...

Beautiful pictures of a perfect subject. Zoe is such a little lovebug, you must be so proud.