Sunday, 24 April 2011

More Ashley

2011_Ashley_2The thing about social media is that it can enhance creative opportunities besides just keeping people up to date on the minutia of others' activities. In this particular case, Ashley (whom I have know and shot with for a while and was already a FB "friend") had posted a series of self-portraits on Facebook that caught my attention. I thought they created a look that suited her very well. I dropped her a quick message to see if she wanted to shoot the same concept again, only with me as the photographer. She agreed.

The shoot itself was short and uneventful. I'm really loving my new Elinchrom Quadras. They pack a mean punch yet they are small, light and easy to carry. The set-up was a simple over/under with two soft boxes. The upper head was set at f5.6 and the lower at one stop under that (which is automatically the setting on port B). The only thing remotely remarkable was my choice of background: a table turned on end (a trick I have done before).

Ashley went through a quick series of poses and we were done.



Hopefully she has walked away with a good addition to her portfolio, thanks to a chance encounter on Facebook.

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