Thursday, 5 May 2011

Hot Rodding and Models

Wendy and the Jack Daniel's TruckThe theme for the 3rd annual HPS car and model shoot was custom hot rods. Mike McCarthy set up the shoot with Curtis MacLean of Radical Garage. Curtis has some pretty cool cars in his garage and Mike arranged for some pretty hot models to go with those cool cars.

We had four cars, four models, and nine photographers, which adds up to a lot of photographic opportunity, but not much time to capitalize on them. Making things even tougher was the "noisy" visual environment of the garage (which is where we shot). Since I knew we wouldn't have much time, I opted to shoot with my SB900 on Nikon iTTL using a hacked ethernet cable. It was the master for an SB800 and an SB600 on slave via Nikon CLS.

I had two shots that were decent. This one of Pauline is the first,

and this one of Wendy is the second. This is my favourite from the shoot.

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