Saturday, 7 January 2012

The Streets of Uppsala

2011_Uppsala_18 copyDuring my ski vacation to Norway, I made a brief business trip to Uppsala, Sweden. I had a couple of free hours early in the morning and I spent it on the streets with my camera.

What says "Sweden in the winter" better than snow on an old Volvo, even if the snow is hanging off the roof like a lopsided old cap?

Uppsala Streets 9

The city government found a neat way to cost-effectively decorate this overpass: they simply projected an image of snowflakes onto the side of it!

Uppsala Streets 8

I also liked the way they used white cobblestones to mark the crosswalks: there is no paint to fade here! They also make for a striking composition, as in the case of the Woman Waiting For A Bus.

2011_Uppsala_18 copy

I wonder if this is the bus she was waiting for?

2011_Uppsala_27 copy

There was a bit of a frost on the ground and it was beginning to snow. I was walking along the street looking for a streetscape to add to my European Streets folio, when I noticed how trucks driving over the streets would leave tracks. In this case, the tracks reflected back with the bright light of the overhead Christmas lights.

2011_Uppsala_38 copy

The further I walked from the city center, the more snow there was on the streets and sidewalks. I also saw racks and racks of bikes. By itself, this is not unusual for Europe. I certainly have seen more bikes in The Netherlands, but even from a distance I could see what looked like bike tire tracks in the snow. Now this was unusual: cycling in the snow and ice?

Uppsala Streets 3

Getting closer, it was obvious they were being used; there was nowhere near as much snow on them as there was on the old Volvo, so they couldn't have been in the rack all that long.

Uppsala Streets 1

Could it be that the people here actually ride their bicycles in the snow? I didn't have long to ponder on this when a woman rode in on her bike, locked it up, and scurried off (presumably to work). Not only did she manage to ride a bike in the snow, she did so with that long coat on!

Uppsala Streets 5

I understand that these bikes almost certainly have studs in their tires, but even so, would you ride a bike on this street?

Uppsala Streets 4

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