Saturday, 12 May 2012

More Postcards from a Junkyard

2011_JunkyardDogs_043While I was constructing my original Junkyard Dog folio, I couldn't help notice the plants that are ever present in the junkyard.

Unlike the automobiles that shelter them, they are able to fight off decay, if only for a while. This fight, destined to be lost, makes for an interesting comparison with the Dogs' fight. The cars and trucks start to decay immediately after being "born". The plants, however, grow and thrive for a while before entropy takes over.

Plants are present everywhere in the junkyard, either in the form of live material or decaying husks. In my original folio, I was focussed on the texture and lines of the Dogs, which meant I had to constantly jockey for a composition that did not include the plants. So I thought I would create a folio that included both the Dogs and the plants that surround them.

In some cases, I chose to highlight how life can spring up amongst the shelter of the rusting hulks. Using a black and white medium allowed me to use high contrast as a tool to illustrate this counterpoint.


In some cases, plants seemed to have the upper hand. It looked like they were pushing aside the old vehicles to claim the yard as their own.


Everywhere I turned I saw plants softening compositions in front of me, a "visual savoury" to add flavour to my photographs.


Not all of what I saw was a contrast between the alive and the inanimate. In many cases, the effect was additive, with the plants' own decay adding to the malaise generated by the Dogs. This was the case with this old truck and the fallen leaves surrounding it and also settled in the empty headlight socket.


You can see all of the photographs in this folio here. You can purchase this folio for your own collection, or as a gift, here.

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