Thursday, 5 July 2012

Dancer Kickstart

2012_Hilary_0087Before I get too far into another project, I thought I would follow up Postcards for a Dancer with a post on my first dance shoot: a session with dancer Hilary Knee.

We shot early in the spring, at Alderney Landing, and at sunset. I wanted to see what we could do with sunset colours and the Halifax skyline as a backdrop. Since it was so early in the spring, the sun didn't hang around much in the sky so we had to work quite fast. I quickly did a test shot of Hilary waiting for me to get my act together.


The test shot ended up being the best of the bunch in this sequence. We had moved a bit further out onto the wharf to get a better angle on the Halifax skyline, but the lines and light just were not working for me.

Since time was limited, I quickly moved Hilary further down the shore to a grassy spot where there was a better angle to the Halifax side. I asked Hilary to rip through some dance moves while I shot.


It was a bit too bright still for the lights on the Halifax side to enhance the background, which is very dull in this shot. The grass wasn't really working for me, either, so we moved towards the water a bit and Hilary stood on the shore rocks.

The lights were now starting to show from office buildings across the way, making for a better background and I found the rocks made for a bit more interesting composition.


We were getting closer and closer to a "keeper" and by this time the sun was almost down, making for very theatrical colours. Hilary turned towards the camera with this pose and we had ourselves the shot we were looking for.


Shortly after this session, Hilary fell ill and we were not able to to re-book after she recovered. The session was not lost, however, as we got a great image and I got the creative kick-start needed to do a full week dance-themed shoot.