Monday, 3 September 2012

Shadow Dance

Shadow DanceI was sitting around one night looking at the shadow a nearby streetlight was casting and I thought about exploring the shadows that dancers might cast.

The next day I set out to scout a suitable place to shoot dancers and their shadows. I didn't really find anything that really struck my fancy, but a small cottage had a suitable wall and enough space in front of the wall to allow me to at least begin to explore this idea. By flashing the dancers as they lept, I could create a shadow on the wall behind them.

Surprisingly, I had no shortage of volunteers from the teenage population, some of whom had formal dance training and some who did not. I guess this was an interesting enough activity for them to dedicate a couple of hours of their prime "evening" time. We had a blast jumping, leaping, bounding, and springing, and then "chimping" around the camera to see what the resulting shadow looked like.

Shadow Dance

I envisaged these images as black and white. Restricting the image to just tones creates a more forceful graphic, and a viewer's focus tends to be on the shadow and not the dancer.

However, the dancers also wanted images to put on Facebook and I was aware that a decidedly artsy image might not cut it for them, so I also created images in colour. By allowing hues to colour the tones in the image, a viewer's focus tends to be on the dancer. This sort of image is perfect for a subject-centric image intended to be posted on Facebook.

Shadow Dance Colour 2

I am not done with this concept yet, as I have a few improvements that I want to make in the execution. I am out looking for both dancers and a suitable place to evolve this series.

The complete series in black and white are in this slideshow here:

Created with flickr slideshow.

The complete series in colour are in this Facebook album.

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