Wednesday, 17 October 2012

First Berry Picking Postcards

Zoey's First Berry Picking 6Now that Zoey is living in Newfoundland, I thought it was time to introduce her to the grand and ancient Newfoundland tradition of berry picking. We assembled the prerequisite berry picking gear, packed food for a mug-up, and headed out to Blackhead.

At first, Zoey was quite interested in picking berries.

Zoey's First Berry Picking 6

It wasn't long before she needed some help from her Dad in order to keep going.

Zoey's First Berry Picking 6

Soon she decided that Kitty and her blanket were absolutely required to continue berry picking.

Zoey's First Berry Picking 7

Zoey's First Berry Picking 3

From the photo above, it appears that Zoey has caught on to the finer art of berry picking and eats as she picks. Anyway, after picking her fill (or perhaps eating her fill), Zoey thought that her Dad required more exercise and she was only too glad to help him get it.

Zoey's First Berry Picking 4

After an appropriate exercise break, Zoey agreed that it was time to get a family portrait and clambered up on a rock.

Zoey's First Berry Picking 1

Which of Newfoundland's two solitudes (the land and the ocean) do we chose for a background? For their first berry-picking family portrait, we chose the ocean.

Zoey's First Berry Picking 2

Flip around the other way and we get a second family shot, this time with a backdrop of trees!

Zoey's First Berry Picking 8

Happy Birthday, Zoey. I hope you have many, many more!

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