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String of Pearls - Part 2

String of Pearls 5In Part 1 we were introduced to Rex, Ziggy, and Jojo. They are the Oyster Gang, notorious jewelry thieves with a speciality for pearls. They seem to have the world in the palm of their hand, what with the money, the partying, and the fame. Having received a hot tip, they leave a party and rush back to the now closed Roy Building and try to get into the safe. I will let Rex take over the story from here.

String of Pearls 4

We heard Vive Jewelery had just finished a special batch of fresh water pearls. A really big load. That should’ve tipped us off because wedding season wasn’t for another 8 months. But pearls! We could never pass up a chance to score some pearls. Especially pearls from Vive Jewlery. And someone knew that.

So there I was, working the lock. Jojo was on lookout and Ziggy was waiting in the car. All of a sudden, screws where coming at us from everywhere and that was the end of the Oyster Gang. We were set up. Our gravy train had just taken a sharp left turn towards Sing-Sing.

This was shot at the same time as the first safe shot and with the same lighting. I had a snooted flash camera left held by a VALS and another on a stand behind some bannisters at camera right. Jamie was parked between the bannisters and the wall. The result is a nice set of shadows to add some drama, aided by Laura's most excellent "worried, over-the-shoulder" look.

The Roy Building is a natural for this genre. It looks just like the sort of place a campy detective would have his office.

String of Pearls 5

The cops took me aside and made me an offer. I could get off. But I had to do some work for the judge. Sing-Sing or a job working for a crooked judge. Experience has taught me never to trust a cop or a judge. Just when you think one's all right, he turns legit. But it was a tough choice. It took me all of 3 seconds to think about it.

So I got an office and a chance to stay on the outside. They even gave me a gun. That was 4 weeks ago.

There are no flashes on this one. The natural light from the office window frames Stefano's outline and shows the texture of the glass. I didn't want a totally black silhouette, as it would look like a cardboard cut-out, so I parked Stefano under a hall light and exposed to allow a hint of light from above to brighten up his collar.

Stefano has a lovely car that I wanted to work in as a prop, so we headed out to a large parking lot to shoot.

String of Pearls 6

I kept my head down and waited for someone to call me and to tell me what they wanted done, but the phone didn't ring. Which was fine by me. I could sit in my car and have a cup of Joe while the rest of the Oyster Gang were in Sing-Sing. I was trying to think of how I could spring them, but the doors to Sing-Sing only open three times: when you come in, when you've served your time, or when you're dead!

There are two streetlights, one camera left and one behind the car, which give some good base fill. The streetlight behind also provides some texture to the tree leaves, giving the background some definition. A flash on the dash brightens Stefano's face and coffee cup. A second strobe on camera left lights up the car.

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