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String of Pearls - Part 3

String of Pearls 9When we left our intrepid crook turned go-fer (String of Pearls, Part 2), he was styling in his fancy car, drinking a cup of Joe, and waiting for his phone to ring.

Well, it turns out he didn't have too long to wait. Little did he know, a whole world of hurt was about to rain down on him. And who is the dame to the left here? Where does she figure in to this strange tale?

So the phone rang. Rex answered it. I will let him pick up the story from here.

String of Pearls 7

The phone the cops gave me suddenly rang. It was the judge. A woman’s body had been found and he wanted to know what happened. But he wanted the whole thing kept secret. I understood that, all right. Asking the cops to keep a secret was like asking a kid to not eat candy.

This shot was done at the same time as the car shot discussed in Part 2. We shot down near Point Pleasant Park. It was ideal because there wouldn't be any people, there were lots of trees to form a non-distracting background, and we could position the car where we wanted to in relation to the street lights.

String of Pearls set-up shot 2

The streetlights really lit the place up, giving me good fill right from the get go. I had one strobe set up on the dash to light up Stefano's face, and another on his right, flagged to prevent flare. After checking the exposure levels, I moved into position to get the composition I was looking for: a tight headshot of Rex on the phone. The shot ended up with the passenger seat being a little too hot from the flagged strobe, something I didn't see when we were doing the capture.

Rex, did you say you got a call about a body?

String of Pearls 8

The body was outside the Art Gallery of Nova Scotia. The cops were already done when I got there, but they kept the body in place for me to see. Not that there was much to see. Just another pretty dame, only she happened to be dead. The cops were calling it a robbery gone bad and I could see why the judge called me. It wasn’t no robbery. The body had been moved and thieves don’t take time to move a body.

This is one of the first shots we did near the AGNS. We picked an open portion of the courtyard with nice textured bricks to add to the feel of the shot.

String of Pearls Set up shot 3

I put a strobe behind the fencing to generate long shadows. Then Jade got into position so that the shadows from the fence would cross at angles to the lines in the bricks. With the body and the shadows ready to go, Stefano stepped into the frame and Erin held a second strobe on a light stand up and over his shoulder to generate the light for the shot.

So who is the dead dame, Rex?

String of Pearls 9

The dead woman was Candy Holiday. She was last seen at a party wearing a string of pearls from Vive Jewelry. What a classy dame. Tara, that is. She runs Vive Jewelry. Best freshwater pearls a woman can get in the city by the sea. Tara hand-makes them, using sterling silver and Swarovski crystal elements. Stop by the market sometime and tell her Rex Crane sent you. She’ll be sure to look after you.

We had fun with this one! We knew we needed a headshot of Jade's character in order to show off the pearls. So we set up in the Panzarasa's living room. The genre headshot calls for harsh shadows in the back ground. We got the face light squared away first with a strobe on camera right.

String of Pearls Setup 6

Erin and Stefano manipulated a candelabra and another strobe further to camera right to generate some shadows on the wall. I don't know what word to use other than "manipulated", because they tried a ton of positions and angles trying to get the right set of shadows that would work and not make Jade look down right evil.

String of Pearls Setup 4

Here is what Jade thought of our seemingly endless search for the perfect background shadow!

String of Pearls Setup 5

I've had the pleasure of working with the Panzarasa's on a number of projects and they are all incredibly talented. You may remember Jade as the singer providing the background vocals and piano music in my video I did from Newfoundland last year (video here, blogpost here). There is not much that girl can't do.

Can we get back to my story now?

Okay, Rex. What happened next?

String of Pearls 10

Candy lived with her sister, Brandy. Yes, Candy and Brandy. It wasn’t hard to see that their parents had a sense of humour. It also wasn’t hard to see what happened. Even a blind man could see that Brandy and her sister Candy needed money. There was no way they could afford the big house, the cars, and hosting all of those fancy parties.

While not as much trouble to light as Jade's headshot, it was still pretty tough. I had one strobe behind the stairs to light up Jade, another in front of the stairs to light up Erin, and Stefano held a third strobe to create the shadows from the stair rail.

Rex, what about this Brandy character. Rex? It looks like Rex is gone to Timmy's for a coffee. We'll have to pick this up tomorrow.

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