Saturday, 13 October 2012

String of Pearls - Part 5

String of Pearls 16 So Rex thinks he has it all worked out, does he? Well maybe yes, maybe no.

There are two photos left in this story, but I'm not going to show them just yet. Well, I guess you have just seen one of them.

Rather than spill the beans on Rex, I'm going to let him tell the story, right from start to finish in this video. Click on the image below to watch it.

Before I get into a discussion on the movie itself, here is the scoop on the last "new" shot. We were walking past Timmy's down near Stayner's Wharf when I spotted this oddity.

String of Pearls Set-up Shot #10

A little alcove with a ceiling light. It looks absolutely useless, as in, it doesn't appear to serve any purpose what so ever, which makes it perfect for a quick portrait. Since I was shooting for black and white, I didn't care about the garish colours. I asked Jade to pose under the light and had Erin hold a very tightly snooted strobe to camera left to take care of the nasty shadows on Jade's face from the overhead light, and we were done.

Can I finish the story now?

Ok, Rex, go ahead. But just for this image. Folks can watch the video to find out how it all ends.

String of Pearls 16

I’m a better cracker than I am detective. I really missed the motive part. I thought Brandy did it for the money. It turns out they were hard up alright. But there was no insurance. Brandy had hooked up with the judge. Seems he was a good sugar daddy, which helped with some of the money problems. Candy had found out about it and thought there was even more money to tap into. She was blackmailing the judge. The judge knew that there were only a few things he could do. He could pay Candy and pay her and pay her until he was penniless. Or he could call the police and let his wife in on the secret. Or he could kill her and take care of the problem once and for all.

The video was both fun and horrifying to do.

Unlike last year's video (Jade, pictured above, sings Danny Boy on it), iMovie butchered these shots. There is severe pixelation and distortion in the deep shadows and laying in a complex sound track was a major pain in the butt. From what I read on the net, other programs like Final Cut Pro and Premiere are much easier to use and provide better results. Since this video is just a "proof of concept" for me, I didn't bother buying one of these packages or trying Adobe's new "use-for-a-month" service.

That wraps up a two-year long project. Despite having to squeeze in working on it when I could it was very fulfilling. My thanks to the talented and patient folks you helped me in this project. Your collective creativity was inspiring, as always.

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