Monday, 31 December 2012

Zoey's Postcards from Salmonier

Salmonier 7After a very successful outing to see some whales and sea birds, I wanted Zoey to see other native Newfoundland wildlife. There is nothing like getting kids used to the outdoors at an early age, and it is important for them to be as comfortable on the trail as they are in front of an X-Box.

I worked at Salmonier Nature Park as an Interpreter back in the summer of '81. It was a great place to see a variety of native Newfoundland wildlife, so I thought Anne, Zoey, and I would head out to Salmonier Line and see what it was like now.

Of course many things were different at the park from when I worked there, but there were some things still the same. The changes are certainly for the better, like the wonderful shop run by the Friends of Salmonier. The shop has souvenirs, snacks, and drinks, so you can grab a bite to eat before heading out on the trail.

The most important feature has not changed: the trail is short (3 km) and is easy to walk. It has a lot of boardwalk, making it great for a little girl and her Kitty to start their hiking career.

Salmonier  9

Salmonier 8

Zoey, like her mother at that age, knows her own mind. She would not let anyone else carry Kitty or her "water bottle".

Salmonier  11

She got to see quite a bit of the wildlife:

Salmonier 5

Salmonier  6

Salmonier 7

Canada Geese
Salmonier  3

Salmonier  4

Zoey took them all in with the curiosity native to a little girl. She would make sure that her Mom saw them too.

Salmonier  2

And then she would dig in for a good long look as her Mom explained them to her.

Salmonier 1

We had a lot of fun on our little hike and I hope we can put on many more kilometers on Zoey's hiking boots in the years to come.

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