Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Postcard Solitaire

Solo Postcard 30All of my trips seem to produce some solitary Postcards: pictures that I do not seem to be able to knit into one of my stories. They either end up not being posted, or they end up in a "catch-all" post.

This, my last post about my tour home this summer, is one of those catch-all posts. I think of it as an anthology of little stories.

I will start with some wide-angle panoramas of the Anglican and Catholic churches in Trinity. I find that the Catholic churches in most communities are more ornate than the Anglican churches, but in Trinity it is the other way around.

Holy Trinity Catholic Church was built in 1835. Some say it is the oldest wooden church in North America. I'm not sure about that, but I am quite sure it is not the largest!

Solo Postcard 19

St. Paul's Anglican Church was built in 1892. Much larger than the other church, it also has a unique design: the ceiling looks like an overturned boat.

Solo Postcard 21

Whenever I travel around the island, I always see some old sheds or houses falling into disrepair. Paint, peeling. Wood, greying. They always make me think about the builder(s). It takes effort to plan and then build something. You have to be hopeful. Upbeat. Confident. Seeing the result of that confidence, hope, and effort falling away never fails to make me sad.

Solo Postcard 8

Skies, on the other hand, make me happy. There is always so much promise in a sky.

Solo Postcard 3

So what do I feel when I shoot a dilapidated old shed with a magnificent sky? Well, being an optimist, the hope and promise wins out. I think of the next generation, bright-eyed and enthusiastic, taking over from the previous one.

Solo Postcard 2

Of course, trips to Newfoundland always produce lots of shots of boats. I usually have many more than what I can work into my stories. My friend Anne Maree recently remarked that there is something special about yellow. I agree. So when I saw a yellow boat, I had to take its picture.

Solo Postcard 26

People have different ways of playing lotteries. I figure I can put together some winning numbers from the licenses of these boats.

Solo Postcard 10

This one in particular must be lucky. I mean, how often do you see a boat tied up to a cliff, with a bouquet of flowers blossoming overhead?

Solo Postcard 23

Nose in to a fishing stage, I like the shot of this boat for its tones.

Solo Postcard 9

I always have "outtakes" as well. These are shots that are nice, but just don't seem to fit the text of a post. Like this shot of Cabot Tower on Signal Hill. I had plenty of other great shots and didn't need to use this one. I like it, though, as it seems to bring out the texture of the rock flowing underneath the tower.

Solo Postcard 11

Of course, I always have shots of friends and family. Like this one I took of Zoey in Bowring Park as she was playing with the Peter Pan statue. Zoey loves Tinkerbell.

Solo Postcard 13

While visiting my sister, my nephew William spent the day getting nice and dirty, which warranted getting a bubble bath afterwards. He enjoyed it so much that I am not sure whether his having a bath is because of the play, or if the play is because of the required bath!

Solo Postcard 15

While staying at her B&B, Patricia Devine showed me her collection of dolls. Naturally, I wanted to make a portrait of her with them.

Solo Postcard 27

My Mom worked hard to create a memorial for her old school, Curtis Academy. I was never able to stop by for a look until this summer. This was yet another chance to take a snap.

Solo Postcard 16

MUN's 2012 Reunion, Havin' A Time, had a session called Republic of Doyle: St. John’s Reel and Imagined. I took it in, and got this shot of Lynda Boyd, Marthe Bernard, and Krystin Pellerin. Lynda is looking right at me, wondering who is that jerk with the camera. Marthe is grimacing in pain at the thought of me taking her pic. Krystin is doing her best to simply block me from her thoughts.

Solo Postcard 28

I'm always looking to add to my "windows" collection, and got this shot of Carbonear Harbour out of Mom's window. I could barely see the harbour for the rain and fog. That was quite a surprise, given how rarely you see rain and fog in Newfoundland.

Solo Postcard 17

I am always looking to add to my guardrail series as well, and caught these raindrops ready to invade the rocks below.

Solo Postcard 22

I sometimes see some strange things, like this "solar-powered outhouse". Okay, it's not really an outhouse. It's part of a pumping station. But it does look like an outhouse.

Solo Postcard 29

There are shots that The Voices demand to be taken, but which do not fit any sort of post. Like this shot of a bird skimming across the water near Random Island.

Solo Postcard 5

There is something about a single tree that fascinates me. Perhaps it is the strength it requires to withstand the elements all on its own. Uncommon strength, that.

Solo Postcard 30

To see if your Voices see what my Voices see, go to Google Maps Street View for Ship Cove and see the above tree from the road. This is what I saw when I drove past. Until the Voices started talking, that is. Then I saw the image above.

If your Voices are like mine, they will scream at you if you rotate the Streetview camera a little to the left. My Voices wouldn't leave me alone until I also made this capture.

Solo Postcard 23

This is my last post about my tour home this summer and I have decided to close it with my version of the classic school assignment "Where I spent my summer". You may want to click on the images to see them in a larger format.

Solo Postcard 23

Solo Postcard 22

Many of my images from Newfoundland are available to purchase as fine art prints from my web gallery.

If you would like to read some of my other posts about Newfoundland, click here and use the "Older" and "Newer" links at the bottom to scroll through the posts.

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