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What I See, Part 3 - A Short Walk Through Paris

Paris Streets 6While I was in Paris for the Paris Auto Show, I spent some time on the street. After all, Paris is the home of street photography and it would be a major photographic sin not to go out and shoot. In fact, The Voices and I got a few chills just thinking about the fact that we were shooting on the same streets that Eugene Atget and Henri Cartier-Bresson worked.

I went for a walk with some friends in the core of the city. The route we took was only 3 km, which normally only takes about 30 minutes to walk. Even for a 30 minute walk, I will take a camera with me. Just in case The Voices get rowdy.


My friends are not photographers and spent most of the walk chatting away with each other, leaving me to shoot in peace. In the style of Henri Cartier-Bresson, I had my little Fuji X10 camera ready to go, should I see something worth capturing.

So what did I see on this short stroll through the City of Light? I will start on Avenue du Maréchal Gallieni...

Standing, sitting, or laying down, the position didn't seem to matter. Almost everywhere I looked I saw the cliché Parisian sight of couples making out.

Paris Streets 38

A few metres away, and in a whole other mind-space, I saw some guys flying their Ultimate in front of the Air France museum.

Paris Streets 37

Just down the way from the Ultimate players, I saw a very sensible fellow who decided to pull over before texting.

Paris Streets 36

While I was shooting the cyclist, I got an itchy feeling in my back. I looked around and I saw a model staring intently at me from Pont Alexandre III.

Paris Streets 35

Why he was looking at me, I have no idea. Maybe he knew The Voices.

I walked across the bridge and over to Port de la Concorde. On the wall and on the bridge I saw a series of floating heads.

Paris Streets 32

Paris Streets 31

Walking under Pont de la Concorde, I saw how wonderfully the light reflected off the water and on to the stone of the bridgework.

Paris Streets 30

On to Quai des Tuileries, where others on the Quai didn't see what I saw. What I saw was how the sun was like a beacon hanging over La Tour Eiffel.

Paris Streets 33

By this point, I had fallen well behind the group I was with. They were not photographers, so they were not stopping all the time to shoot. I hurried along, catching them at Jardin des Tuileries. There, I saw a young boy being instructed in the ancient Parisian tradition of public tree watering.

Paris Streets 34

From there it was back to La Seine and Le Pont Solférino (now called Passerelle Léopold-Sédar-Senghor), where I saw yet another set of lovers. I have to say, it was a pretty cool spot they had.

Paris Streets 29

The Passerelle Léopold-Sédar-Senghor, besides being a mouthful to say, is a really cool bridge. The Voices love the sweeping lines. There is a ramp from both the quay and the roadway, which you can see in the above photograph. I came back the next morning with my Nikon because I saw a wonderful line abstraction that would make a great background for one of my dance pictures.

Paris Streets 17

But I get ahead of myself, so back to my walk. I went up the ramp and all along the top of the bridge I saw love locks.

Paris Streets 27

I'm still undecided if these love locks add or detract from the bridge's beauty.

I was now lagging very far behind my group and I tried to quickly cross the bridge, but on the other side where the two ramps come together, I saw two young girls out smoking, texting, drinking, and talking.

Paris Streets 26

Bridges allow me to view things from a different perspective. Having the high ground gave me an unusual angle to watch these skateboarders. I saw one break off from the rest to practise his Ollies.

Paris Streets 25

Maybe the girls on the bridge were waiting for these guys; maybe they would wander down and try their hand, but I couldn't stay to see what would transpire. I hurried to catch up and by then we were back at the apartment. I had time for one more shot and when I saw the angle of the setting sun cast long shadows on the street below, I knew I had my closing photograph.

Paris Streets 24

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JayM said...

Fabulous. I particularly like #30 with the light passing through the gate and the diffracted sunstars over The Tower. Great rendering.