Monday, 3 March 2014

Dancer With an Umbrella

2014_Margrethe_F1_142I wanted to use one of my lighting umbrellas as both a prop and as a light source in one of my Postcards For A Dancer images. I called on Margrethe, whom I have shot a number of times before, including for my Little Red Dress series, to see if she would be interested in trying out the idea.

She was, and she also suggested that she wear one of Marthe's dresses. A call to Saq and Sarmad to see if they could help (they could) and we soon had a full shoot crew.

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Because it was snowing, Margrethe stayed bundled-up in her coat while Saq, Sarmad, and I worked out the lighting ratios and the composition. The darkness and the snow did not make for ideal shooting shooting weather, but as Saq says, you have to shoot when you can.


We tried out several types of graphic elements to add interest to the composition, such as a row of street lights. The snow gods smiled and it stopped snowing long enough to grab a couple of frames.


I saw a row of tree stumps in a park across the street from the lights. I positioned Margrethe at the apex and used the umbrella to light up the snow. It was snowing again, and the light from the umbrella really highlighted the falling snow, which you can see contrasted against the dark background. The snow-fall put a context to the umbrella in the image.


Just around the corner is a special spot where I like to go to shoot. There, the bare tree branches and a low shooting angle made for an interesting, if abstract, background.



Thanks to Margrethe, Marthe, Saq, and Sarmad for getting up early on a miserable morning to bag some frames!

My on-line gallery of outdoor dance photographs is here.

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