Monday, 10 March 2014

Dancers Crossing.

2014_Oda_F1_058In most cities, there is an on-going conflict between pedestrians and automobiles. As one way to help alleviate the conflict, we highlight the pedestrian's right-of-way by painting marks on the road. We call these specially marked locations crosswalks, and it is to the crosswalk I am drawn for a sub-theme of my dancing outdoors series. I want to show people not just crossing the road, but dancing across the road!

I lined up a test shoot with dancer Oda Ytre√ły and choreographer Natalie Dahl. I had already scouted the area and came up with a series of locations that I thought would work. I met Oda and Natalia at this one.


With Natalie directing Oda and also keeping an eye out on traffic coming up behind me, we started with some simple positions. Oda worked them over and over and over until I had the lighting sorted out.



With the lighting done the way I wanted, we moved on to more dynamic compositions to reflect more movement, as befits the idea of crossing a street.


As is our tradition, we thawed our frozen extremities and discussed the results over a nice cup of hot chocolate. Thanks to Oda and Natalie for helping me work through the proof of concept. Now, onwards to doing a complete series!

If you are a dancer and are interested in answering the question "How does a dancer cross the road?", then leave me a note in the comments below.

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