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Fogo Part 1: Getting There.

2013_NL_F14_0023Although I have lived in the nearby towns of Gander and Musgrave Harbour, I had never visited the island of Fogo until the summer of 2013. Besides wanting to see a part of Newfoundland that I had not yet seen, I confess that I also wanted to check out The Fogo Island Inn, a luxury hotel built by Zita Cobb and her Shorefast Foundation. I find Zita's idea of "progressive capitalism" or "entrepreneurial philanthropy" interesting. When I first heard about the Shorefast Foundation several years ago, I sent them an e-mail offering to spend some volunteer time getting things moving. I never heard back from them, but I was curious to see what they had achieved.

To get to Fogo Island, you need to get to Farewell, just north of Gander. The ferry operates on a first-come, first-serve basis, so you need to arrive well ahead of time to make sure you get aboard, otherwise you could be at the end of a long line and may not board until the next ferry. Like this couple, I see issues with the ferry service as a threat to the success of the Fogo Island Inn.


When the ferry, the Captain Earl W. Winsor, arrives, it is quick to unload, so when you see it approaching, you best head back to your car.



Ferries like this one are common throughout Newfoundland and Labrador, and are constantly in the news due to their state of disrepair. This one is in a somewhat shoddy state with a lot of visible rusting and painted-over rust. There is no comparison between this and an RCN ship or a CCG ship.



The Captain Earl W. Winsor started out life in 1972 as the MV Prince Edward and ran on the PEI - Pictou run until 1997 when she was refitted, renamed, and reassigned to service Fogo Island and Change Islands. While she is not a large ferry, she has a big enough cafeteria for a mug-up and a game of cards to while away the time.


In about an hour after leaving Farewell, the ferry ramp on Fogo island hove into view.


Fogo, like many parts of Newfoundland, is short on forest. But driving along the highway, I was struck by the "forest" of utility poles!


Since Fogo Island is a remote island accessible only by ferry, anyone traveling for a visit there needs to have booked a place to stay well in advance, such as the Landwash Lodging B&B in Joe Batt's Arm.


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