Monday, 20 April 2015

Twillingate Part 3: An Iceberg and A Lighthouse

2013_NL_F16_0101Part of the reason for heading up to Twillingate was to see if there were any icebergs around. Twillingate bills itself as "The Iceberg Capital of the World", so I thought if there was one place on Iceberg Alley to see an iceberg, it would be Twillingate!

I went up to Long Point Lighthouse in Crow Head, just outside of Twillingate. Since lighthouses are built in places that are easily seen from the ocean, the reverse is also true: lighthouses are great places to look out on the sea. It turned out that I wasn't the only one with that idea, as there were a number of people there already, scouting the horizon for icebergs.


I left the lighthouse and went over to an adjacent observation platform. As you can see, there were no icebergs in view.


Or were there? I spied a tour boat heading out to sea and wondered why.


I looked out through my camera with my long lens, and sure enough, I saw a small iceberg.


Zooming in, I could see it a bit more clearly.


It was small, but it was indeed an iceberg.

Having finally sighted an iceberg, it was time to take a closer look at the lighthouse. It was built in 1876. The tower is painted in red, rather than traditional white.



There were still plenty of people around it looking out for a glimpse of a whale or an iceberg. Of course, this being Newfoundland, there were plenty of outcrops to stand on and use as an outlook.


I decided to come back a bit later, to see what it would look like at sunset.


I loved the way the light reflected back in the windows of the attendants' house.



The light in the offing ranged from purples and blues to oranges and magentas.


The sun finally went below the horizon. With the colours muted, I made a final image in black and white.


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